Discontinued Products
Below is a list of the resources available for discontinued products. To download a file, click on the corresponding [Download] button in the list below.
DCD-8 - Word Clock Distripalyzer
DCD-8 Firmware - v 2.31(zip)Download
DCD-8 Drivers (PC & Mac)(zip)Download
DCD-8 User's Manual(PDF)Download
DCD-8 Datasheet(PDF)Download
DCD-8 Technical Bulletins(PDF)Download
DCD-12 - Word Clock Distributor
DCD-12 Firmware - v 2.00(zip)Download
DCD-12 User's Manual(PDF)Download
DCD-12 Data Sheet(PDF)Download
DCD-12 Technical Bulletins(PDF)Download
SR-15+ - Time Code Distripalyzer
SR-15+ Owners Manual - v 3.05(PDF)Download
SR-15+ Data Sheet(PDF)Download
SR-15+ Technical Bulletins(PDF)Download
SR-26 - Time Code Distributor
SR-26 Owners Manual(PDF)Download
SR-26 Data Sheet(PDF)Download
SR-3R - Time Code Repair Kit
SR-3R Owners Manual v 1.26B(PDF)Download
SR-3R Data Sheet(PDF)Download
SA-1 - Portable Time Code Analyzer
SA-1 Owners Manual - v 3.07(PDF)Download
SA-1 Data Sheet(PDF)Download
TB-4 Communicator - Wireless Talkback Remote
TB-4 Owners Manual(PDF)Download
TB-4 Schematics(PDF)Download